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Episode 7: Jan Molenaar

Andi and Ayla discuss Jan Molenaar, who lived in Napier at the time of the event. Molenaar had hatred for gangs and police which may have been caused by his brother losing his life due to methamphetamine. Police had thought Molenaar was running a drug operation at his home and so three officers visited the Chaucer Road property in 2009, while Molenaar was out walking his dog. His partner Delwyn Keefe let the police in and showed them the drugs, but told police Molenaar would be very angry if he found the police in his house and advised them that he also had a gun. A friend of the couple, Lenny Holmwood, came over about the same time Molenaar arrived back, with Molenaar going down the hallway to get his gun. Seeing the threat, the three officers walked back to the car with Molenaar watching them from his upstairs balcony. One officer hesitated at the car which caused Molenaar to shoot, killing Senior Constable Len Snee. The two other officers tried to run and Molenaar followed, however he was stopped by Lenny whom he shot and injured in the fight. Molenaar then went back to the balcony where he continued to shoot, before holing himself inside after the Armed Offenders Squad arrived. Two days later, police were able to enter the property where they found Molenaar dead in the master bedroom.

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