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Episode 6: The Aramoana Massacre

This podcast is a big change from the lighthearted cover we normally go for. Ayla tells Andi about the Aramoana shooting in 1990 done by David Gray. Leading up to the shooting, the loss of his mother impacted Gray greatly and he started to spend more and more time alone. One day, Gray felt he was overcharged a bank fee and so came home angry. Here he had a run in with his neighbour, Garry Holden. Gray then collected a gun from inside his house before shooting Holden multiple times, killing him. He went into Holden’s property after seeing his three girls, shooting all three and killing two. Chiquita Holden escaped before the house went up in flames, going to another neighbour who called 111. The community saw the house fire and so went to help put it out, in return being shot at by Gray. 13 people in total lost their lives including four children, with two more children and a police officer being critically injured. David was shot and injured by the Armed Offenders Squad when exiting a house and died in an ambulance on the way to the hospital.

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