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Episode 17: Schlaepfer Farm Murders

One of our more upsetting cases. Andi tells Ayla about Brian Schalepfer and his family, living on a farm block in Paerata. In 1992, Brian snapped and murdered his wife Jocelyn in their bedroom. Their adult son Karl was next, before Brian went downstairs to find and shoot his youngest son, Darrell. Brian’s daughter-in-law, Hazel, heard noise and so came to investigate, but ran back home after being shot at herself. As she was calling the police, Brian came into the house and went to her son Aaron’s bedroom, shooting and killing him. He tried to find Hazel’s other children, but Linda had hidden in her room and Kerry was off the property. Brian then went back to Hazel and shot her again, killing her. He went to look outside for Linda, but instead found his eldest, Peter, before shooting and killing him. Brian then went into the bush and shot himself in the head. This was less than 2 years after the Aramoana Massacre.

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