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Episode 16: Gwenda Sloane

Ayla talks to Andi about the case of Gwenda Sloane. She starts off with Michelle Hoffman-Tram, who saw her family regularly and contributed greatly to her community. In 2012 Michelle received a text from her friend and lover Gwenda Sloane, and she made plans to bike over after helping her sister. That evening, Gwenda smashed Michelle’s face with a kitchen draw and stabbed her over 30 times. She then wrapped her body in rubbish bags and buried her off State Highway 38. Michelle’s unidentifiable body was found 15 days later, and on day 35, Gwenda pled guilty to Michelle’s murder. She stated she had killed her as she thought Michelle had stolen $20 from her wallet. She was sentenced to life imprisonment with a minimum non-parole of 17 years.

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