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Episode 15: George Dobson

Ayla tells Andi of the Dobson murder in 1886. George Dobson, his two siblings Arthur and Edward, and his parents arrived in New Zealand with the hope of a better life. In 1864. Arthur and George left for the upper Waimakariri to set out road lines, with Edward following into Otira Valley. During this time there was a £200 reward for anyone who could find a more suitable pass from Canterbury to the West Coast; George found this and called it “Arthur’s Pass” after his brother. Jump to 1866, where George was working as a roading engineer in the Grey Valley. He was due to meet with the council the following week, however did not show up. It was later found that he was mistaken for someone else and strangled to death by the Burgess gang. The murder of George Dobson was one of at least 20 violent murders and robberies by the four person gang, with one receiving life imprisonment and the rest hanged in Nelson.

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