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Episode 14: Marie Jamieson

Andi talks to Ayla about Marie Jamieson, who was reported missing on the 12th of February 2002 after a night out with her friends. Marie’s body was found seven days later behind an engineering factory on Mihini Road in West Auckland, with her clothes next to her. It was clear Marie was a victim of sexual assault, however the semen came back as unknown on the DNA database. 6 years later, familial DNA testing became available in New Zealand, which found it very likely that the semen came from a relative of a lady called Anneke Bishop. Her brother, Joseph Reekers, had multiple convictions including theft and rape, however, police were not able to obtain a voluntary DNA sample from him. He was later caught stealing salami from a supermarket which made him have to provide a sample, which exactly matched the semen found on Marie’s body. It was later found that he was on methamphetamine and had stabbed Marie a minimum of three times. Reekers was convicted for Marie’s murder, and he was sentenced to life imprisonment in 2010 with a minimum non parole period of 15 years.

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