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Episode 13: Alfred Biddle

Ayla tells Andi about Alfred Biddle, the local blacksmith in Mayfield in 1913. John and Rosana Lilley and their four children lived in the same community. John was a contractor and was away for nights at a time, so Rosanna was left to put the kids to bed. One night while John was away, Alfred ran over to the Lilley’s and told Rosana that she was urgently needed by Mrs Montgomery, who was sick. Rosana placed a rain coat over her dressing gown rand followed Alfred into the night. When two nights later she had not arrived, her eldest went to the Montgomery’s only to find that Mrs Montogomery was not sick, and they had not seen Rosana. Mr Montgomery called John home and it was found that two of Rosana’s best dresses were also missing. John at first thought Rosana had left him, however later found his wife face down in tussock, dead. He called the police who saw that Rosana had been hit multiple times by a hammer which was found nearby covered in hair and blood. It was later found that the Montgomery’s had invited Alfred over for dinner, where he had asked for directions to the Lilley’s. It is thought that Alfred committed the murder, before trying to commit suicide via poisoning. He was hanged at Lyttleton Gallow in 1913 after admitting to murder. Neither of Rosana’s dresses have been found.

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