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Episode 12: Alice Parkinson

Andi talks to Ayla about Alice Parkinson, who had been dating a man called Walter West for about 6 years and they were recently engaged. Alice believed this love would last, and when she fell pregnant in 1914, she was very excited and spent her savings on readying their house for the baby. Unfortunately, she lost the baby in 1915, and Walter decided he did not want to marry her and moved out. By this time, she had no money, no baby, and no partner. Her reputation was also hit due to the illegitimacy of her baby’s birth. She tried to win Walter back, however when this did not work, she began to threaten him. Having no success, she then confronted Walter at his property, before shooting him in the head and then herself. While she did kill Walter, she did not kill herself and was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to life imprisonment, despite the jury wanting to show her mercy due to the events leading up to the murder. Alice was in prison for 5 years during which campaigns for her freedom were rolled out due to the controversy surrounding the case.

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