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Episode 11: Larnoch Road Murders

Ayla and Andi discuss the Larnoch Road Murders in Auckland. The case starts with the drowning of Deane Fuller-Sandys, however his body was never found. 5 days later, Leah Stephens also went missing, and her remains were found 3 years later in a forest in 1992. Police later received a tip that the two cases were related. Previously, Gail Maney and Tania Wilson lived at 22 Larnoch Road. Gail was dating Stephen Stone, who was an active gang member. The two ladies went out to a party and came back to find their house robbed. Gail thought it was Deane who had sold drugs to her previously. She confronted him however Deane denied it despite being accused repeatedly by Gail. Later, Gail asked Stephen to place a hit on Deane. Deane was seeing someone at the time who was asked by Gail to have him stop in at 22 Larnoch when on his way out fishing. When Deane arrived, he was confronted by Gail, Stephen and eight other people, and shot multiple times before having his body buried in Woodhill Forest area. It was later found that his car had been driven to Whatipu Beach where it was presumed he had drowned whilst out fishing. Leah was there when Deane was murdered; she became very nervous and started talking. Stephen and two others took her back to 22 Larnoch where she was physically and sexually assaulted, before her throat was slit and her body was taken to the Waitakari Ranges. When she did not show up to work, she was reported missing to the police. After two years, Gail was convicted of commissioning Stephen to kill Deane. Stephen was charged with the murder of Deane and the rape of Leah. Gail continued to state she had no idea who Deane was and only heard of him when she was charged with his murder. Stephen is also adamant he was not involved in the two murders. Gail and Stephen were convicted despite there being no DNA, blood matches, or weapons. There is also many different versions of what happened.

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